10 cosy treats for the Weekend

Another week is over! Any plan for the weekend? If not, take a look at these 10 cosy treats I picked up for you. I hope you’ll enjoy them! Continue Reading

Why “LiveLoveCreateInspire”?

I’m often asked why I chose to call my blog LiveLoveCreateInspire. The reason is very simple: when I decided to start this blog,  I wanted to find a title that was anything but ordinary or/and dull. I wanted this blog to be a sort of “container” for all pretty things, things I love, things that inspire me, things I do everyday, things I’d like to do everyday…a place where to share my crafty and creative personality and, why not, a bit of my daily life. In a nutshell, I chose LiveLoveCreateInspire because these four words sum up my basics: life, love, creativity and inspiration. Here’s my personal motto:Feel free to share it (but please, be kind and credit LLCI, thank you!)

XO, Evelyn