How to wear a Kimono

How to wear a Kimono

Inspired by the Japanese traditional garment, Kimono jackets and dresses are one of the bohemian style must-haves.

I love kimonos, in fact, I’m actually obsessed with kimonos. Kimono’s versatile, can be worn in many occasions, from lunch to night out, it all depends on how you style it! So, how to wear a kimono? And where to find beautiful and affordable ones? Here you find some inspiring style tips and some beautiful (and affordable) kimonos I found. Enjoy! Continue Reading

Style to Inspire // Iris Apfel


Starting with the assumption that De gustibus non est disputandum and that style is a very personal subject,  I adore excessive, eclectic, unique, unconventional, stop-the-traffic, make-a-statement kind of style. I love people who dare, who aren’t afraid of showing off  their personality though clothing and accessories. And, even if I like a bcbg style from time to time, I find Olivia Palermo-Lauren Condrad-Blake Lively & co ordinary, dull and boring. Sorry folks. That said, you can easily understand why I love and adore Iris Apfel and why she’s one of my style icons. Continue Reading